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Welcome to Merciful Relief International

It's all about children who are missing out or are likely to miss out on the nice perks of a decent life that Merciful Relief International gets to stand in to provide opportunities whenever possible. We are a child-rescue organization operating in all parts of South Sudan. Compelled by a social responsibility to help the needy children, we work day in, day out to ensure no child is left out because of a birth defect, an injury that causes disability. Join the fight in any way you can, be it a donation, sponsoring a child and/or both; let's do this together to make children's lives better, one at a time.

A smile on a child's face

Our activities manifest in the smiles seen on the children's faces as they appear in our holistic programs. We do all we can to ensure chidren in our custody have every available chance of a happy life given to them.

Going the extra mile

We go beyond the limits to make a difference in children's lives in our programs. Besides providing basic everyday needs, we take that extra step and provide even more like outdoor games, etc.

Together we can

Joining hands with our partners, our generous donors and volunteers, we make it happen together. We make every effort to maximize everyone's input as we provide quality services to the children each day.

Inside Mercy Children Home

Mercy Children Home is our flagship facility where we provide critical services to the children in Juba. Here, all core services are delivered to the children as planned. Spacious enough to handle most of outdoor-like activities indoor too. Our children call it home like no other, :).

Feeding the young

At the core is ensuring children have at least a meal a day. It's exciting that donations generously made to our organization make this possible. We ensure none of the children gets to bed on an empty stomach, all thanks to our donors.

From the other side

We have an amazing volunteer community that contributes so much in our organization. From the kitchen to outdoor games, there's at least someone from somewhere volunteering. Many hands better than one? Oh YES!

We make it rain

Basic education that we feel is every child's right is given within our facility. Fundamental teachings from oral cultural practices to formal education, are covered wholy. Thus we feel it rains everything substantial educationally here...

Nature is our friend :)

We make use of everything natural as much as we can. From solar power to light up our classrooms to natural foods in our little kitchens, we enjoy every bit of a healthy natural ecosystem. We promise to be in the balance to conserve the environment.

Stories about Merciful Relief International

  • Simply amazing

    Wol Bol

    The services provided to the children by this organization are exceptional. Given the limited resources they have, the quality of services provided here are wonderful. I just wonder what they could do if they had more than what I saw!

  • A whole new level

    Majok Leek

    The facility, the staff and management just give a whole lot of a new perspective in the service delivery in this humanitarian space. Merciful Relief Internatiol is the organization of the century! I couldn't get enough of them while at their facility, would love to visit again.

  • Out of words for this!

    Malu Johnson

    From the look of things, I couldn't think of any other organization I have been to that amazed me this much! I just fell in love and ran short of words about Merciful Relief International. Folks in here, you just turn on an exciting switch in the service industry, thank you!

  • Fantastic services

    Uyuo Ucu

    Oh boy, I wanna be back here again! How I wish I could be part of the team providing services here! To say the least, you guys are the one of a kind of an organization that leads it all! Your services are so fantastic. Despite the limited resources you have, you all manage to pull it together.