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About us

We cannot choose the circumstances and disadvantages that we are given. However, for the parentless and the disabled, we can change that. Merciful Relief International is a faith-based charitable organization. It was founded by a South Sudanese pastor, Monyroor Teng. It was created with the intentions of preserving and promoting disabilities awareness and assistance as well as providing shelter for the countless parentless children suffering. It is apparent and well documented that the treatment of the disabled in Africa is inhumane and that children of Africa face indescribable hardship. It is our goal to put an end to all of that.

Our story

In 2011, the world’s youngest country, South Sudan gained its independence. This came after two long civil wars stemming from 1955 to 1972 , and again 1983 to 2005, killing almost 2.5 million people, which also resulted in the displacement of half the population. In the process the majority of children became orphans and the disabled neglected and disregarded.

The founder of Merciful Relief International Monyroor Teng, came to New Hampshire as a refugee in 2004. This came after he fled to Egypt from war zone in what was known as Sudan at the time. In 2011, he began traveling back to South Sudan. In most recent years, Teng began participating in peace building in the young country. Teng, alongside the Covenant World Relief, while on missions he has traveled to Khartoum, kakuma (the largest refugee camp in Kenya), Uganda, Ethiopia, and Juba recently doing workshops for peace building.
During his time in South Sudan he saw the suffering of orphans and disabled people and death of women during childbirth. That's where his idea and desire to make a change originated. From a young age, Pastor Monyroor wanted to help the less fortunate, so he founded Merciful Relief International.

Our mission

  To advocate to the public to treat and help those who are not able help themselves.
  To stop tribal rituals and culture of killing babies born with birth defects, give awareness and to educate the public on discrimination against persons with disabilities.
  To provide disabled with daily needs including, food, shelter, health care and clothing, Peace building projects, and personal development. War contributes to disability, therefore we want to help to stop conflicts.